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At All Natural Products Store, we are committed to providing you with products that are naturally occurring, but have been proven to be effective. All of our products come from plants or directly from the soil. They are safe to the environment and for you to use. And they have been proven to work as effectively as more harsh and toxic chemicals. We guarantee that you will not sacrifice quality or effectiveness by using our products.


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All Natural Bedbug Control

A special blend of all natural plant extract oils will repel bedbugs as well as leave a refreshing clean scent.


Available in 5 sizes

2 oz
(travel size)
6 oz
(personal use)
16 oz
32 oz
64 oz
(1/2 gall)
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bedbugpictureBedbug are dark, reddish brown, oval and very flat. Adults are almost 1/4 inch long and become mature in about four weeks when host blood is available and temperature, humidity and harborage are favorable. If hosts are scarce, bedbugs can survive for a year without feeding. Eggs are deposited several times each day in protected places near the host's sleeping area and several hundred may be deposited. Hatching occurs in one to two weeks, depending upon the temperature. Nymphs, tiny and colorless, go through five molts, taking a blood meal between molts. This nymphal period can last from several weeks to as long as a year depending upon the temperature and availability of hosts. Upon becoming adults, the bedbugs soon mate.

Bedbugs normally feed at night. Their flat bodies allow them to hide in cracks in beds, bedside furniture, dressers, wallboards, door and window frames, behind pictures and under loose wallpaper. Upon inspection, the focus should be the bedroom, especially in all dark cracks and crevices. Spray in all cracks and crevices to prevent harborage. Treat furniture joints. Spray mattresses and especially all seams. Be sure that mattress is dry before covering with bedding.




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